Pannenkoeken Happiness

The last thing on our relocation checklist was to “Relax, enjoy life, and eat lots of pancakes”. Honestly, at times it never seemed like we were going to make it through that damned list, but through the weeks we checked all the tasks off . We’ve arrived, we’ve completed the bureaucratic procedures (hey, I’m a legal resident now, new post about that coming soon), and now we are ready to move on to actually living and enjoying our Dutchified lives– and eating lots of pancakes!

Why are we so excited about pancakes, you ask? Because they’re delicious, that’s why. Dutch pancakes, or  pannekoeken as they are called here, are not the pancakes you’ll get at the local IHOP. A pannekoek is a large, thin pancake with ingredients cooked into the batter. They can be savory or sweet, and served with powdered sugar and/or stroop. Stroop is a dark, thick, molasses syrup that makes the pancake even better. I’m slightly obsessed with ham kaas (ham and cheese) pannekoeken, and thrilled that I can easily get them again!

I’ve replaced my Jimmy Johns obsession with pancakes–nom!

Magical Stroop IMG_9623


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