image Late Summer London

One of my favorite things about living in the Netherlands is how inexpensive it is to travel around Europe. My husband and I recently got tickets to London for 60EUR roundtrip. Not 60EUR a piece, but 60 for the both of us! It was on discount carrier RyanAir, but it really wasn’t bad. The trip from Eindhoven, NL to London Standsted is a short 45 minute flight, so it was definitely worth it to fly out of the smaller airport.

I’d visited London once before in late 2011, in fact, it’s where my darling hubby proposed to me. However, that was the only highlight of that visit. I was so jetlagged and grumpy the entire trip that it’s a surprise my husband still wanted to marry me! This time, we wanted our holiday  to memorable for reasons other than my extreme crankiness. Luckily, we succeeded. This trip was a blast.

During our London trip we:

  1. Took an open top bus tour–we do it in every city we visit.
  2. Saw Wicked at the Victoria Apollo Theater (AMAZING!)
  3. Saw the Book of Mormon again, it’s still hilarious.
  4. Met up with friends from my husband’s international high school.
  5. I met my husband’s cousins and their beautiful little kids.
  6. We ate at Chipotle–don’t laugh, I really miss certain things from America and Chipotle is one of them!
  7. We drank a lot at pubs.
  8. We had a fantastic high tea at the Athenaeum.
  9. Did I mention we had lots of drinks?! One of my favorites was at SkyPod Bar which has amazing views of the city.
  10. We visited a few museums, with the British Museum being my favorite.
  11. I took loads of pictures to share with you!

I love that London is so close and I look forward to going back!



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