My wanderlust began early. I have always had a desire to explore more of the world around me, and knew that meant venturing outside of my comfort zone (um, Alabama). When I was twelve, I checked out Fodor’s New York from the library. After reading the guidebook from cover to cover,  I proceeded to tell my mother that I was moving to NYC as soon as I turned 18. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. As it turned out, I was not a big fan of NYC, even though I did meet my husband there.

I didn’t end up living in The Big Apple but instead found that great things awaited me in Chicago. Now, after ten years, I’m leaving the Midwest behind and embarking on a new journey that will not just nudge me out of my comfort zone, but kick me into an area of unfamiliarity. This is my platform to share my experiences as an American living in the Netherlands and exploring my new Dutch reality.


Why did you choose to live in The Netherlands?

My husband is originally from Netherlands. We discussed the possibility of living in Europe before we got married, but didn’t decide on where we would settle down until later. He relocated to Chicago to be with me in 2013, but we knew it would not be our long-term home. After many discussions, we decided to move to the Netherlands in the fall of 2015.

Do you speak Dutch?

I do not. However, I am currently learning. It is true that most Dutch people speak exceptional English, but I want to integrate into Dutch society and feel that speaking the local language is one of the best ways to help do that.

How long do you plan on being in The Netherlands?

As of now, we’re here indefinitely. There are no foreseeable plans to return to the States, but anything could happen!

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