“Wait, where are you moving?”

“Where are you moving?”

The question seems simple enough, and my answer has been simple. Or so I thought. I usually say that I am moving to the Netherlands, but when I give that response, the following conversation has happened too many times to count: 

“The Neverlands? Where is that?”

“The Netherlands in Western Europe. It’s near Germany and Belgium. Amsterdam is the capital–“

“Oh! You’re moving to Amsterdam? Why did you say you were going to the Neverlands then?”

Alternatively, the conversation goes:

“You’re moving to Holland? I thought you said you were going to the Netherlands” or “You’re going to Amsterdam? Well, when will you move to the Netherlands (Holland)?” 

This happened several times, but around the fifth or sixth time, I decided to just say we’re moving to Amsterdam. This isn’t entirely true, as we likely won’t be living in Amsterdam; however, more people immediately know where I am going when I say this. And many people, those who don’t know me that is, comment on how awesome that is and how high I am going to get. So yes, I am uprooting my life to get high in Amsterdam*. At least that’s what many strangers who randomly ask me why I’m buying so many boxes, or selling my car, or whatever it is that strikes up the conversation about our relocation seem to think. 

However, back to my original point about where we are moving, and the confusion that often follows–I understand why so many people have been confused. The Netherlands is frequently referred to as Holland, even though Holland is actually the name of two provinces in the country. North Holland and South Holland are two of the twelve provinces that make up the country. Amsterdam, which is located in North Holland, is the capital city of the Netherlands. Rather than explain all that, I’m going to continue to say Amsterdam and let strangers continue to think that I like to blaze up.

*I’ve actually never smoked, or tried any type of drug, in my life. Not being a goody-two-shoes, just not my thing. 


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